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The Priory of St. Bernard de Clarivaux in New Orleans held its first annual "Knight's Night" Medieval theme costume party on Saturday 19 December. The venue was at the prestigious Round Table Club of New Orleans. Medieval decor and music added to the festivities. As the EXCOM inadvertently scheduled the event on a rare Saturday night Saints football game, the attendance was light with 24 attending and 20 appropriately costumed. From Friars to Knights and Templars and maidens to noble ladies a good time was had by all. Checks and non perishable food items were collected for a local Food Bank.

In attendance were Prior Raymond R. Egan, Jr. with Dame Cheryl, DGP-V Russ Copping with Dame Susan, Secretary, Chvse. Beth Zeringue and husband Reggie, Chevs. Robert A. Stroud and Erin, Chev. Donald J. Rusina and wife Barbara, Chevs. Joey and Angelle Palmere, Knight Protector Chev. Heath Plescia, Sword Bearer Chev Edwin Leblanc with companion Angela Reilly, Chvses. Joan W. Collier and Virgina McLean, Chev. Pierre delaBarre as Saladin, Chvse, Susan S Bell, Past Prior Dr. Hugh Robertson, Armorer Chev. Robert C. Ramhofer and wife Patricia and special guests Round Table Club President, Mr. Tripp Frasch with wife Sanela.

Clerics, Knights and ladies at table.

L-R: Barbara Rusina, Beth Zeringue, Angelle Palmere, seated Virginia McLean and Joan Collier, Cheryl Egan, Susan Copping, Erin Stroud. Seated below center: Susan Bell, Angela Reilly.

L-R standing: Heath Plescia, Ed Leblanc, Bob Stroud, Russ Copping, Ray Egan, Don Rusina. L-R below: Hugh Robertson, Pierre delaBarre, Reggie Zeringue, Joey Palmere.